WE – Toward a Conscious Global Community

WE asks us to look at our world as a reflection on the collective consciousness of what Stèphano calls our “juvenile” period of human development.

With our dubious strategies for existence called into question, WE proceeds to examine the world as we often know it – teeming with violence and mayhem, poverty and abuse. It explores these so-called problems as direct results or extensions of the self-centered aspects of the ego (selfish I).

Yet, WE also invites us to look at the other side of humanity – full of generosity and caring – where philanthropy and volunteerism are plentiful. For many people the quest for peace, freedom and fairness has never been greater. This outpouring for equilibrium has emerged from an ever-increasing expansion of inner consciousness.

To synergize the positive results from this ongoing evolution, Stèphano suggests we need to develop a new covenant for all humankind. This spiritual agreement has the potential for creating a global community, but will require a foundation in spiritual intelligence, essential spirituality and pervasive love.

Stèphano has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology (Boston Univ.) and is the author of seventeen major works including: Heart of Freedom, Why You – Why Now, Confluence of Spirit, Dimensions of Spirit, Essential Teachings, Awake, Path of No Way, The Freedom You Are and theOne. For over thirty- eight years,he has dedicated his life to spiritual issues with thousands of individuals throughout the world. He is the founder of a journey of awareness called the Path of No Way and was influenced by Ramana Maharshi, J.Krishnamurti,and the sixteenth Buddhist Karmapa (Rigpe Dorje). He is currently supporting a spiritual community.

by Stèphano Sabetti

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